Renee Erickson Files by Petition for Kansas House

Wichita, KS - Renee Erickson, a wife, mom, former school board member and principal, who has spent her entire life in Kansas, recently filed by petition for State Representative in District 87. A pro-life, common-sense conservative with deep knowledge of education, Erickson is running for the Kansas House at a time when new ideas and new leadership are needed the most.

"The Kansas House of Representatives is largely void of leaders who are committed to common-sense, conservative solutions. Rather than innovating through fresh ideas that will introduce reform and responsibility into a broken school finance system, the answer has been to yet again throw more money at the problem which will inevitably trigger yet another tax increase Kansans can't afford. My opponent has been a part of the problem," said Erickson.

Renee Erickson is committed to upholding the Republican principles of limited government, individual liberty, free enterprise, and traditional values. Her diverse background gives her the foundation and experience to take on the problems in Topeka head on. In contrast, her opponent is a registered Republican who has largely sided with Democrats by voting for retroactive tax increases on families and dramatic increases in spending.

Renee's background is diverse and speaks to the experience and perspective that she would bring to the State Capitol. After graduating from college with several relevant degrees in Business Administration, Business Education, Public Administration, and Family Life Education and Consulation, Renee focused on being a mom for several years to raise her children. She then began her professional career, working as an educator for Parents as Teachers, a financial planner for a major investment company, a high school teacher, a data and assessment coordinator at North High, as director of the USD 259 instructional technology center, director of 3 adult learning centers in USD 259, and finally as a middle school principal in Wichita. Renee also served two terms as an elected School Board member in the Newton School District, where she championed a child-focused approach to education and advocated against miring the school district in more litigation against the state.

Erickson said that combination of experience and principles is exactly why voters in the 87th District signed the petition to put her on the ballot.

"The people of this district, and across Kansas, want to elect representatives who will be unafraid to stand up for them in Topeka - not those who will simply go with the flow and stand silent as our principles are eroded and are taxes go up. I will be their voice."