Renee is Pro-Life
Renee is pro-life, has volunteered for Kansans for life and has been endorsed by KFL in the past.

Renee will Defend the 2nd Amendment
Renee supports defending our Constitutional rights. Several years ago, she completed training with law enforcement to be a concealed carry license holder.

Renee Supports Small Business
Renee parents were small business owners and she knows the challenges they face. We must support our small businesses through a business-friendly environment which includes lowering taxes and reducing burdensome regulations.

Renee Believes in Balanced Budgets
Itís time some common sense prevailed. We canít continue the current path of increasing taxes every year without cutting spending.

Renee is Focused on the Classroom
As a parent, grandparent, former teacher and principal, Renee knows education. She is for focusing on student achievement, supporting our teachers and staff, and partnering with families to increase educational outcomes. The lawsuits need to end and our taxes should be focused on the classroom rather than layers of bureaucracy and lawyers.